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Mastering Among Us: Tips and Strategies for Imposters and Crewmates

GameMastering Among Us: Tips and Strategies for Imposters and Crewmates


Among Us is a fun game where you play as either a sneaky imposter or a helpful crewmate. This article will give you easy tips to be good at the game and help you win.

  1. Playing as an Imposter:

If you’re the imposter, your job is to trick others and secretly kill crewmates. Here’s what you can do:

  • Act like a crewmate: Pretend to do tasks and behave like everyone else, so nobody can suspects you.
  • Create chaos: Sabotage things on the spaceship to cause confusion and distract crewmates.
  • Use secret vents: Use special vents to move quickly and surprise crewmates.
  • Blame others: Make innocent crewmates look guilty by saying they did bad things.
  1. Playing as a Crewmate:

Your responsibility as a crewmate is to carry out tasks and identify imposters. How to be a good crewmate is as follows:

  • Complete your chores as soon as possible to demonstrate your willingness to assist others.
  • Be vigilant: Keep an eye on what other people are doing and report anything odd or suspect.
  • Stick together: For safety and to have witnesses if something horrible happens, keep close to your fellow crew members. 


  • Call meetings: If you believe someone is a impostor, talk to the other participants and vote them out, but take cautious not to blame the innocent participants.
  1. Talk and watch:

Talking and watching others is important in Among Us. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use the chat: Talk to other players using the chat to share information and talk about your suspicions.
  • Watch closely: Pay attention to how others behave and if they do things only crewmates can do.
  • Remember tasks: Some tasks have special actions that you can see. Remember who does them to know if they’re a crewmate.
  1. Trust your feelings:

You have to sometimes trust your instincts and make decisions based on what you believe to be right. Yet, if you see new information, be prepared to alter your opinion.

  1. Takeaway from every game:

Consider your actions and how you might improve on them the next time you play. Take note of other players’ strategies and attempt to apply them. You’ll get better the more you play.


Among Us is a very fun game of trickery and teamwork. Use these simple tips to be a good imposter or crewmate and have fun playing. Trick others as an imposter, finish tasks and find the imposters as a crewmate, and talk and watch carefully. With practice, you’ll become a great Among Us player.















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